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2014 Convention Map (Updated) by drawponies 2014 Convention Map (Updated) by drawponies
I have added several new pony conventions, as well as the 2014 Wizard World Comic Cons to my list, so here's my updated convention schedule.  I'm gonna be busy you guys XD  In fact, during the most busy times Boardgamebrony and I will probably tag team the cons so that neither of us get too exhausted (i.e. sometimes he may go to one and I the other, or vice versa).  And of course, when con dates overlap we'll have to do split up.  We will keep you updated as to who is going where as each con approaches.

UPDATED: November 19, 2014

DerpyCon 2014 Morristown, NJ, USA 12/5/2014 (Drawponies will be at this con!)

-------------2015 Convention Year------------
(Conventions we are looking into)
(List under construction. Will be up soon)-Boardgamebrony

Jan 09-11th = NEW ORLEANS, LA (Wizard World Comic Con) (Signed up! Will attend!)
Jan 10-12th = AUSTIN, TX (ChupacabraCon)
Jan 17-18th = VICTORIA, TX (Victoria Comic Con)
Jan 23-25th = PORTLAND, OR (Wizard World Comic Con)
Jan 24-25th = LAREDO, TX (STCE's Comic Con) (VENDING FULL. Probably not going)

Feb 06-08th = HOUSTON, TX (OwlCon)
Feb 06-08th = ROUND ROCK, TX (UshiCon) (VENDING FULL. Probably not going)
Feb 06-08th = MADISON, WI (Wizard World Comic Con)
Feb 13-15th = DALLAS, TX (ConDFW XIV)
Feb 13-15th = PHOENIX, AZ (Amazing Arizona Comic Con)
Feb 13-15th = INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Wizard World Comic Con)
Feb 14-16th = BROOKLYN, NY (PonyCon 2015)
Feb 20-22nd = DALLAS, TX (Texas Furry Fiesta) (Vending closed. Might not be going after all...)
Feb 20-22nd = CLEVELAND, OH (Wizard World Comic Con)
Feb 21-22nd = HOOFDDORP, NORTH HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS (Hearth's Warming Con)

Mar 06-08th = ROSEMENT, IL (Wizard World Bruce Campbell Horror Show)
Mar 08th only = AUSTIN, TX (Staple! Independent Media Expo)
Mar 12th only = ADDISON, TX (All-Con 2015)
Mar 12-14th = FORT WORTH, TX (Lone Star Figure Show)
Mar 13-15th = INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Indiana Comic Con)
Mar 13-15th = COVINGTON, KY (A & G 8)
Mar 13-15th = RALEIGH, NC (Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh)
Mar 14th only = BANGKOK, THAILAND (Thailand Pony Con 2015)
Mar 20-22nd = WACO, TX (Heart of Texas Comic Con 2015)
Mar 27-29th = STEPHENVILLE, TX (TexanCon 2015)
Mar 27-29th = SEATTLE, WA (Emerald City Comic Con)

Apr 03-05th = ANAHEIM, CA (Wondercon Anaheim)
Apr 03-05th = SAN FRANCISCO area, CA (BABSCon 2015) (Signed up! Awaiting response...)
Apr 11-12th = BERLIN, GERMANY (Brony Fair)
Apr 24-26th = IRVING, TX (WhoFest 2015)
Apr 24-26th = LAS VEGAS, NV (Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas)

May 01-03rd = MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis)
May 4th only = TOKYO, JAPAN (Japan PonyCon 2015 Spring)
May 7-10th = PHILADELPHIA, PA (Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia)
May 15-17th = MYRTLE BEACH, SC (XCON World)
May 16-18th = ST. PAUL, MN (MSP Comicon)
May 22-24th = KANSAS CITY, KS (Midwest Brony Fest 2015) (Fun con! Looking forward to going back)
May 22-24th = ST. LOUIS, MO (Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis)
May 22-24th = LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (MCM London Comic Con)
May 28-30th = GREENVILLE, SC (Wizard World Comic Con Greenville)
May 29-31st = SEATTLE, WA (Everfree Northwest 2015) (Excellent con! Looking forward to going back)
May 30-Jun 1st = WASHINGTON D.C. (Awesome Con: Washington D.C.)

Jun 04-07th = FORTH WORTH, TX (North Texas RPG Con)
Jun 05-07th = DALLAS, TX (A-KON 26) (Years-long waiting list. Highly unlikely we will attend...)
Jun 12-14th = MINNEAPOLIS, MN (MLP-MSP 2015) (Also a fun con! Want to go back)
Jun 12-14th = DES MOINES, IA (Wizard World Comic Con Des Moines)
Jun 19-21st = LAS VEGAS, NV (Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con)
Jun 19-21st = SACRAMENTO, CA (Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento)
Jun 19-21st = HOUSTON, TX (ApolloCon 2015)
Jun 27-28th = CHICAGO, IL (My Little Pony Fair 2015)

Jul 09-12th = SAN DIEGO, CA (Comic-Con International: San Diego)
Jul 10-12th = TAMPA, FL (The Grand Brony Gala 3)
Jul 17-19th = COLOMBUS, OH (TrotCon 2015)
Jul 24-26th = DALLAS, TX (Dallas Gaming Expo)
Jul 31-Aug 2nd = SAN ANTONIO, TX (San Japan)

Aug 01-02nd = LOUISVILLE, KY (Fandom Fest Comic Expo)
Aug 01-02nd = LUDWIGSBERG, GERMANY (GalaCon 2015)
Aug 07-09th = SAN ANTONIO, TX (Texas Comic Con 2015)
Aug 07-09th = BALTIMORE, MD (BronyCon 2015)
Aug 20-23rd = CHICAGO, IL (Wizard World Comic Con Chicago)

Sep 04-06th = SAN JOSE, CA (Wizard World Comic Con San Jose)
Sep 26-28th = ADDISON, TX (FenCon XI)

Oct 02-04th = FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (Wizard World Comic Con Fort Lauderdale)
Oct 16-18th = KNOXVILLE, TN (Super Speedy Cider Con)
Oct 23-25th = ADDISON, TX (Nightmare Nights 2015)

Nov 06-08th =-LOUISVILLE, KY (Wizard World Comic Con Louisville)

Conventions we haven't looked at dates for yet but might still interested
BronyCAN  (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Wizard World Comic Con Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Salt Lake Comic Con (Salt Lake City, Utah, separate from Wizard World)
DerpyCon South (New Orleans, LA)
Fiesta Equestria (Houston, TX)
Running of the Leaves Con (Colorado)
Crystal Fair St. Louis (Missouri)
Crystal Fair (Helsinki, Finland)
Crystal Mountain Pony Con (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Toyko in Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Ikkicon (Austin, Texas)
Comicpalooza (Houston, TX)
Big Apple PonyCon (New York City, New York)
Brony Expo (Alberta, Canada)
Czequestria (Prague, Czech Republic)
My Little Konwent (Bytom, Poland)
Lunafest (
Hamburg Bahrenfeld, Germany)
Brony Scot (Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom)
UK Ponycon (Leicester, UK)
Wasteland Weekend (H Park, California City, CA) This one is a BIG BIG MAYBE.

------The Following Conventions have already been completed in the 2014 year-----

Wizard World New Orleans New Orleans, LA

Texas Vintage Toy Expo Lewisville, TX, USA 3/14/2014
Brony-Fest (Animation Celebration) 2014 Lewisville, TX, USA 3/28/2014
Louisville Wizard World Louisville, KY 3/28/2014

Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) San Francisco, CA, USA 4/18/2014
St. Louis Wizard World St. Louis, MO 4/4/2014

Minneapolis Wizard World Minneapolis, MN 5/2/2014
Dallas Comic Con Dallas, TX 5/16/2014
Midwest Brony Fest 2014 Kansas City, MO, USA 5/23/2014

MLP-MSP Minneapolis, MN, USA 6/6/2014
Philadelphia Wizard World Philadelphia, PA 6/19/2014

Everfree Northwest 2014 Seattle, WA, USA 7/4/2014
My Little Pony Fair 2014 Nashville, TN, USA 7/12/2014
Fiesta Equestria Houston, TX 7/11/2014

BronyCon 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA 8/1/2014
Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2014 Salt Lake City, UT, USA 8/8/2014
The Grand Brony Gala 2 Tampa, FL, USA 8/15/2014
BronyCan, Richmond, British Columbia 8/22/2014
BUCK 2014 Manchester, United Kingdom 8/23/2014

Brony Fan Fair 2014 Austin, TX, USA 9/5/2014 (Drawponies is a guest at this con!)
DerpyCon South, New Orleans, LA 9/20/2014 (Boardgamebrony will be at this con!)
Wizard World Nashville Nashville, TN 9/26/2014
Alamo City Comic Con, San Antonio, TX 9/26/2014 (new!)(Drawponies will be at this con!)

Wizard World Austin 
Austin, TX 10/2/2014
Crystal Fair Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO 10/17/2014 (Drawponies will be there!)
Nightmare Nights Dallas, TX 10/24/2014 (Boardgamebrony will be at this con!)
Wizard World Columbus Columbus, OH 10/31/2014 (Boardgamebrony will be at this con!)
Running of the Leaves Con Denver, CO 10/31/2014 (Drawponies will be at this con!)

Wizard World Tulsa Tulsa, OK 11/7/2014 Drawponies is on a waiting list here. Will have to confirm
Ponyville Ciderfest Milwaukee, WI, USA 11/7/2014 (Drawponies will be at this con!)
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231aa Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Newfoundland needs to host a convention... *sigh*
until then I'm going to have to suck it up and fly to America.
drawponies Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'd love to go :D
231aa Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aha, you're always welcome!
dummy-naruto Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
Arkansas is Surrounded!!! Why havent they invaded us yet!!!!
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hellboy12345 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
you forgot salt lake comic con 
drawponies Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Oh, if I remember correctly, Salt Lake Comic Con fell on the same day as another con we were going to. Didn't Salt Lake Comic Con happen around August 22nd? Or am I thinking of another con in Salt Lake?

That was during BronyCan and BUCK in the UK on the same weekend, if it's the con I'm thinking of.
hellboy12345 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
there was a fantasy con in july in utah then salt lake comic con in sept 4th to the 6th
drawponies Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hawaiian-aliens Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oo, columbus wizard world? i'm going again, last year's was a blast. :)
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